Posted by: brittanyng | June 10, 2010

LDS Charities

Inspired by a comment previously made, I decided to look into an example of what religious organizations can do to help strengthen health systems.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is just one of many religious groups who has worked to unify the world population of its members to save lives and build hope for all those in need through a number of programs within the LDS Philanthropies

One such program is called the LDS Charities.  Through donations, this group helps people become self-reliant and improve their quality of life through initiatives such as clean water, neonatal health, vision treatment, wheelchair production and food production.  LDS Charities also responds in emergencies to relieve suffering by providing life-sustaining support.  In the 150 Day Report, they have already donated 1.5 million pounds of food and supplies in emergency relief responses to Haiti and Chile.  In 2009:

1. 27,242 people in 30 countries benefited from the neonatal resuscitation program,

2. 989, 571 people in 24 countries benefited from the clean water programs,BYU Volunteers celebrate with Ghanian Children.

3. 223,242 people in 23 countries benefited from the vision care program,

4.  8,400 people in 54 countries benefited from the food production program,

5. 56,017 people in 56 countries benefited from the wheelchair program,

6. and LDS Charities was able to respond to 102 disasters in 48 countries.

This is just one religious group, so imagine the service done by the religious groups in communities worldwide.  As you can see from the above examples, many of the services were focused in areas where lasting and sustainable improvements and changes were made.  It is inspiring to see how, through unified efforts, we can all make a lasting difference in someone’s life.



  1. You have definitely done your homework on this one. I’ve looked for these links before and had a difficult time finding any of them. Thank you for making it so easy to navigate to these sites and for giving us a great article on what the LDS Church is doing to help others.

  2. Thanks! Those statistics are interesting to read. It’s great to see how the church uses different strengths to benefit and educate people.

  3. This is awesome. I love how the LDS church is able to make such a difference in the lives of others. I also think it is important to also remember that each of us, whether LDS or not, can help make a difference too.

  4. I am so grateful that we are able to give back to others and help them live better healthier lives. I know that if you have any of these skills like neonatal and such that you can do a 6 month service mission to help.

  5. Giving service is the best! The LDS Charities and other similar organizations are excellent ways to aid and benefit those in need.

  6. The Church is honestly so great. I love the visible impact it has on the world.

  7. I learned a lot about what the LDS church did for international health in my World Health class last semester and I was blown away. I had no idea what an efficient and effective system they had going on.

  8. There truly are so many ways to get involved through our church. We just have to find the opportunities and be proactive about them. This church is true and it is amazing!

  9. The church has some really smart programs set up. I learned about one where they will give micro loans, so someone can buy seeds, for example. Then they can grow, harvest, and sell the crops from those seeds. They can easily pay back their loan, and from such a small amount of money borrowed they can sustain themselves and have created a business that will continue long after the loan took place.

  10. Brittany, your blog is so well researched and written, it provides excellent resources and it’s engaging. I hope that you continue with this. All the pages are interesting. Take care!

  11. I wonder why I missed this one last time. A great post and a great effort in the relief of our fellows. It makes you think about the republican doctrine of selective aid and how that relates to our own policy of undiscriminating foreign aid. I am a fan of what the church is doing.

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