1.  Q:  What is the definition of health?

A:  Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

2.   Q: What is a health system?

A:  According to the WHO, “A health system comprises all organizations, institutions and resources devoted to producing actions whose primary intent is to improve health.

Most national health systems include public, private, traditional and informal sectors. The four essential functions of a health system have been defined as service provision, resource generation, financing and stewardship.”

3.  Q:  What makes a health system functioning?

A:  According to USAID:  “Fundamentally, a working health system improves health. It delivers the right volume and distribution of services using good provider-client interactions. It operates at the community, local, and national levels. A working health system uses effective organizations and processes. It engages households, governments, the private sector, donors, and global initiatives. It reaches priority groups, including the poor, women, children, urban and rural residents, and the acutely and chronically ill. It responds to people’s needs, protects them from risk, and operates efficiently. It combats priority health issues such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and maternal, child, and reproductive health. It works fairly, responsively, and effectively, and offers choice. It employs appropriate incentives and is characterized by strong political will and a viable vision.”

4.  Q:  What is global health?

A:   It is the area of study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.  Thus, global health is about worldwide improvement of health, reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders.

5.  Q:  Which are the poorest countries in the world?

A:  10.  Sierra Leone, 9.  Niger, 8.  Eritrea, 7.  Central African Republic, 6.  Somalia, 5. Guinea-Bissau, 4.  Liberia, 3.  Burundi, 2.  Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1.  Zimbabwe  (GDP: $200) aneki.com

6.  Q:  Which are the richest countries?

A:  10.  Italy, 9.  Brazil, 8.  France, 7.  Russia, 6.  United Kingdom, 5.  Germany, 4.  India, 3.  Japan, 2.  China, 1. United States (GDP:  $14,580,000,000,000) aneki.com

7.  Q:  What countries have the highest life expectancy?

A:  10.  Israel, 9.  Switzerland, 8.  Sweden, 7.  France, 6.  Canada, 5. Australia, 4.  San Marino, 3.  Singapore, 2. Japan, 1. Andorra (82.67 years) aneki.com

8.  Q:  What countries have the best health care?

A:  1. France, 2. Japan, 3. Australia, 4. Spain, 5. Italy, 6. Canada, 7. Norway, 8.  Netherlands, 9. Sweden, 10. Greece, …, 19.  United States.  aneki.com 

9.  Q:  What is a developing country?

A:  “a term generally used to describe a nation with a low-level of material well-being. Since no single definition of the term developed country is recognized internationally, the levels of development may vary widely within so-called developing countries, with some developing countries having high average standards of living”  wikipedia.org

10.  Q:  Which countries have the highest health care expenditures?

A: 10.  Germany, 9. Netherlands, 8. Austria, 7. Canada, 6. Denmark, 5. Switzerland, 4. Norway, 3. Luxembourg, 2. Monaco, 1. United States ($6,719 total expenditures PPP). aneki.com



  1. I actually lived in the Netherlands. There were some serious health issues there too. It doesn’t matter were you go or how much money is spent, ALWAYS a problem.

  2. I liked the response to question 3: “It responds to people’s needs, protects them from risk, and operates efficiently.” Neat 🙂

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