Get Involved

What can you, as one person, do to get involved in strengthening health systems on the global scale?  As impossible as it sounds, there are ways to help out:

1.  AWARENESS:  Probably the biggest obstacle in a global effort to improve health is that so many people have no idea what is going on outside their own small world.  With globalization and the shrinking of the world through technology, “it’s a small world after all” is no longer just a popular theme park ride, but an actual truth!  It’s time to get involved.  You can educate yourself about international development and global health through my blog as well as many of the organizations’ websites listed in the “related links” tab.  Knowledge definitely is the power to change the world.

Also, by remembering that change occurs usually one person, one action at a time, you will find that even improving your own community will lead us closer towards achieving global health.  How can we strengthen our community’s health?  Through becoming engaged in the political side of governance and promoting policy and development that will strengthen your own health systems and services to better serve your community’s health needs.  Get involved!  Contact your local representatives now, and make a difference!


2.  Handicap International hosted the International Conference on the Role of NGOs in Global Governance in 2008, where they discussed details of how non-profit organizations can better help in achieving the Millenium Development Goals.  You are invited to contact them or join them in their discussion at the following:

 Erdbeben_Haiti_Leogane_MalteserInt_Camp_2010-02_Juergen_Peperhowe_Westfaelische Nachrichten128-pp 

 3.  Malteser International is a worldwide relief service for humanitarian aid and works in locations in need or where current natural disasters have hit such as Haiti and Chile.  By visiting their website, you can choose to donate now to their cause.


4.  European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection works with one of the world’s main humanitarian aid donors to help people.  They provide emergency assistance and relief to victims of natural disasters or armed conflicts.  The aid goes directly to those in distress, regardless of race, religion or political convictions. ECHO’s main purpose is to make sure goods and services arrive on the crisis scene fast to help maintain health systems functioning that may be damaged during a crisis.  Visit their website to get involved:


 5.  The Gavi Alliance works with a global partnership to achieve immunization goals.  They work through private and public sectors to provide access to existing and underused vaccines, strengthen health and immunization systems in countries, and introduce innovative new immunization technologies.  Through their efforts. they have prevented millions of deaths worldwide and contribute to attaining the MDG for child health through a 2/3 reduction of deaths in 5 year olds and under.  You can become involved and donate at the following website:



  1. I had no clue that there were so many ways to get involved. When thinking about health on a global level it seems impossible for you to make a difference. Thanks for showing us how we can.

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