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 Hello!  My name is Brittany and I am Senior at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah studying Public Health in the Health Science, pre-med track.  I had always planned on preparing for potentially going into a medically related career and loved the idea of helping people live happy and healthy lives.  After learning more about the concepts surrounding public health, it became apparent that this approach is how I wanted to live my life, as well as future career.  While I still hope to receive medical training at some point in my future, I also plan on continuing my education in public health in graduate school and using my skills and knowledge to work in the government or in the non-profit sector, such as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to impact health on the global scale.  

My interest in promoting health tends towards a more global perspective due to the experiences I have had with those of other cultures.  I have taught English as a service project with the International Language Program for four months in Voronezh, Russia and have lived a little over a year in Taiwan serving for my Church.  With just these tastes of cultural diversity, I also gained a greater appreciation for the differences in health care systems as well as health.  Why did I choose to write about strengthening health systems for my blog?  Because a big part of impacting global health is through improving the delivery of health services in communities.  There would be nothing as satisfying as continuing to learn more about other peoples and develop a unity worldwide in improving health and the systems that provide it.  Through this blog, I hope we can all grow in our understanding of this concept through further research and discussion. 

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  1. Brittany, I loved this page! You can definitely tell you have a passion for what you’re doing. Your entire blog is full of useful information and I hope that you continue to develop and add to it through the years. I would like to be able to come back to it again and again to use it as a helpful resource of information I can use. Thanks!

  2. Great blog! I can honestly tell you put a lot of effort into it. Job well done!

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